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Behm Financial provides Financial Planning education and services for Educators, Administrators and Support Personnel throughout the Puget Sound region and serves client school districts and state approved charter and private schools in Washington State. Since 1987 we have been an essential regional delivery system for Financial Literacy focused on the specific needs of all stakeholders (teachers, school districts, education leaders, internal staff) and their families.

Behm Financial is committed to supporting all stakeholders in reaching their personal financial goals. The Firm is an innovative and responsive partner providing essential local education and services, both in-person and via video, designed to leverage resources and strengths of our focus for all personell and their families.

The Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™

The Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™

Our Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™ has been specifically designed to focus on the needs of all stakeholders and efficiently delivers relevant and updated information in an easy to understand manner. Our topics include:

“Am I on Track to Retire?”

“Maximizing Retirement Benefits”

“5-Year Pre-Retirement Preparation”

"Life Stage Investing ~ Saving For The Long Term"

"Navigating Student Loan Forgivenss ~ NEA Member Benefits"

We help Educators, Administrators and Support Personnel because we often find their investment allocations are not in-line with their risk appetite or goals and we help solve those problems.

Organize Your Assets ~ Analyze Your Needs

Organize Your Assets ~ Analyze Your Needs

Asset-Map gives advisors the ability to visually focus on a client’s entire household and see how individual decisions impact each other, in addition to sharing clients’ progress for their financial priorities in real time.

Asset-Map blends design thinking and personal finance to deepen client relationships, spark meaningful conversations with clients and efficiently illustrate their complete financial landscape in a simple, one-page snapshot.

Asset-Map creates an interactive, visual experience to help clients gain a better understanding of their unique financial situations to make better financial decisions.

Capitalize ~ The Risk Number Tool

Capitalize ~ The Risk Number Tool

A Risk Number™ is cutting edge technology that identifies your acceptable levels of risk and reward with unparalleled accuracy. Using this tool, we ensure that your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and expectations.

With a Personal Risk Number™ You Will:

• Learn About Your Risk Tolerance

• Align Your Portfolio Correctly

• Meet Your Retirement Goals

Together we can take the guesswork out of your financial future.

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