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"There are those who travel and those who are going somewhere. They are different, and yet they are the same. Successful people have this over their rivals: they know where they are going."

Have you explored what's important about money to you? Have you clearly defined goals that require money and planning to achieve?

Do you see value in owning a Financial Roadmap with clearly detailed instructions based on your Values and Goals?

Our Financial Roadmap Interview is carefully designed to...

Base your plan on what's important to you: Define your Values.

Make meaningful milestones: Set specific Goals.

Benchmark your current financial reality: Identify your Position.

Inspire yourself to action: Create your Financial Roadmap.

Coming from a place of value and service, we have built our entire process to create a great experience.

Behm Financial is a financial and investment services firm that focuses on building clearly defined Financial Plans based on the most important Values and clearly defined Goals of our clients. Everyone needs a Financial Roadmap to know where they are going. Whether you are a financial "do it yourselfer", financial "collaborator" or financial "delegator" going through the Financial Roadmap exercise will be of value for you whether or not we choose to work together.

Values-Based Financial Planning is All About You.

Your Values; Your Goals; Your Plan.

Are You Ready to Start a Conversation?

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Organize and Analyze Your Financial Life  

Behm Financial is a Financial Planning Firm incorporating leading technologies like Asset-Map in the financial planning process to best equip our advisors with the tools needed for success. Asset-Map gives advisors the ability to visually focus on a client’s entire household and see how individual decisions impact each other, in addition to sharing clients’ progress for their financial priorities in real time.

Asset-Map blends design thinking and personal finance to deepen client relationships, spark meaningful conversations with clients and efficiently illustrate their complete financial landscape in a simple, one-page snapshot. Asset-Map creates an interactive, visual experience to help clients gain a better understanding of their unique financial situations to make better financial decisions.

“At Behm Financial, we firmly believe in giving clients the most accurate, full picture of their finances to empower them to make better financial decisions,” said Ken Behm, founder of Behm Financial. “We are excited to partner with Asset-Map and help our clients more meaningfully plan for their future.”

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We keep you top-of-mind

We keep you top-of-mind

Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, we can help take some of the mystery out of preparing for your financial future.

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