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Helping Teachers Retire ~ On Their Terms!

Providing Tools & Strategies for Educators since 1987

Behm Financial is a financial and investment services firm that has been built through serving the needs of Educators & Administrators. We choose to serve Educators & Administrators because we find that often their state pension and 403(b) investment allocations were not in-line with their risk appetite or goals and we help them solve those problems.

We serve many Educators & Administrators, School District Employees and Public Employees who are pension system members. Each group belongs to a specific pension system:

  • Washington State Teachers Retirement System (TRS)
  • Washington State School Employees Retirement System (SERS)
  • Washington State Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

Due to the experience and knowledge we have in understanding the Washington State Retirement System, we are a valuable resource to pension system members. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a time to connect.  CONTACT US

The Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™

The Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™

Our Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™ has been specifically designed to focus on the needs of Educator's, Administrator's and their families and efficiently delivers relevant and updated information in an easy to understand manner. Our topics include:

“Am I on Track to Retire?”

“Maximizing Plan 3 Benefits”

“5-Year Pre-Retirement Preparation”

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