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Helping Teachers Retire ~ On Their Terms!

Providing Tools & Strategies for Educators since 1987

Behm Financial is a financial and investment services firm that has been built through serving the needs of Educators & Administrators. We choose to serve Educators & Administrators because we find that often their state pension and 403(b) investment allocations were not in-line with their risk appetite or goals and we help them solve those problems.

We serve many Educators & Administrators, School District Employees and Public Employees who are pension system members. Each group belongs to a specific pension system:

  • Washington State Teachers Retirement System (TRS)
  • Washington State School Employees Retirement System (SERS)
  • Washington State Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

Due to the experience and knowledge we have in understanding the Washington State Retirement System, we are a valuable resource to pension system members. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a time to connect.  CONTACT US

The Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™

The Educate the Educators Workshop Series ™

Our Educate the Educators Workshop Series™ has been specifically designed to focus on the needs of Educator's, Administrator's and their families and efficiently delivers relevant and updated information in an easy to understand manner. Our topics include:

“Am I on Track to Retire? ~ Strategies for Long Term Success”

“Maximizing Plan 3 Benefits ~ Leveraging Plan 3 Advantages”

“5-Year Pre-Retirement Preparation ~ Plan for Success”

"Life Stage Investing ~ Saving For The Long Term"

"Navigating Student Loan Forgivenss ~ NEA Member Benefits"

Early Career: Age 18-50

Early Career: Age 18-50

Early Career Age 18-50 ~ Accumulate and Protect

Focus Area’s:

· Invest

· Protect

· Major Purchases: Home


As a new Educator, Lisa has a great opportunity to leverage the advantages of her expected benefits. She has a car payment, plans to pay-down student loans, buy a house and potentially start a family. What should she do now? Where should she start?

During our meeting, we discussed the importance of paying herself first and took a look at what decades of investing could look like for her. Next we developed a clear savings plan to help her prepare for a first time home purchase. At the same time we outlined a debt payment plan that really worked for her. Once she starts a family, and has financial dependents, we will talk about how to protect them.

After our meeting, Lisa felt “amazing and extremely confident” about her financial future!

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Mid-Career: Age 50-60

Mid-Career: Age 50-60

Mid-Career Age 50-60 ~ Pre-Retirement Preparation

Focus Area’s:

· Investing: IRS Age 50+

· Debt Management

· Financial Organization


A seasoned veteran teacher, Antonio, has been in the classroom for 22 years and, honestly, does not have any real direction. He stated that he’s been “on autopilot” and was a bit apprehensive about meeting because he was “nervous about finding out he was never going to be able to retire”. I told him not to worry because we hear that all the time and our process is designed to help him see where he is at financially.

Antonio did a great job preparing for our meeting which made our time together quite productive. He found out he was better off than anticipated! There was some work to do and we built a plan to help him dial-in on what he could control. We organized his assets, analyzed his needs and made plans to maximize retirement account contributions and eliminate his debt.

Antonio left my office with a clear understanding of exactly how his pension worked and how to maximize expected benefits. He shared that he “was relieved and energized” about having an actual plan!

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Later Career: Age 60+

Later Career: Age 60+

Late Career Age 60+ ~ Retirement Income Planning

Focus Area’s:

· Clearly Defined Retirement Income Plan

· Healthcare

· Longevity

· Inflation


Patrick and Samantha are quickly approaching “the big day” and felt they might benefit from taking a financial “deep dive”. Were they ever right! They had done a good job saving, but really had no clear plan on how they were going to support themselves during decades of retirement. With stock market fluctuations, varying inflation rates, travel and hobby plans, obtaining that elusive “family cabin in the woods”, helping grandkids with college, and healthcare funding, both of them were understandably concerned.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Service offered them a way to glide into retirement with a clear game plan, a real strategy, to help them achieve their goals. Their plan is based on their most important goals and deeply held values. Now their financial house is in order and now they have a 10 level of confidence that now matter what happens in the markets, the economy or the world that they will achieve their goals.

Samantha said “I am overjoyed with our plan!” while Patrick shared that “I am ecstatic that Samantha is overjoyed with our plan!”

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The above examples are hypotheticals and for illustrative purposes only. Please note that each person’s situation is different.  Please consult your financial or tax professional regarding your circumstances.

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